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Secret Santa 2016 Shenanigans

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Hi everyone! As always, I expect this Secret Santa to be an awesome one, and whoever has me, I’m sure you’ll do great!


As far as gaming goes, Final Fantasy X is my favorite game, as I’ve made apparent in any post I’ve ever made. SNES Donkey Kong Country games are a close second (DKC2 is tha beeeesssst). Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Animal Crossing, Earthbound, Undertale, Stardew Valley, Paper Mario 1 and TTYD, Pokemon, are all awesome choices. I’m not much of a movie, TV show, or comic person. I watch a bit of anime (Silver Spoon is my favorite) but not a whole lot.

Other interests: I loooooooove Magic: The Gathering. I go to Friday Night Magic about every week and boosters from standard sets would always be great. Or sleeves, playmats, dice, all the associated things. Other interests include cooking, brewing beer, early American History, collecting retro games, and basically making stuff. If you need a hint, I’d lean a bit towards things I can display or use, and less towards actual video games or shows (don’t let that discourage you if you have a good idea!). Not to undermine any of these, all are great options!


I wear a men’s medium T-Shirt, I’m not allergic to anything, and I love homemade stuff. Thanks in advance for your participation in Secret Santa 2016!

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