Hello all! I’m a decrepit old ghost of TAY past who continues to haunt the forum for the best time of the year, secret santa!


As far as a gaming goes, my favorite game ever is Final Fantasy X, and my favorite series are Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, Mass Effect, Animal Crossing, Metal Gear, Stardew Valley (!), Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Overwatch, Starcraft, and gosh there are just so many. I would almost certainly enjoy anything selected from any of these.

Out of the non-video gaming related things I enjoy, Magic: the Gathering takes the cake. I play almost every Friday night. I also enjoy beer, cooking, fishing, shooting, and all kinds of other odds and ends.


I’ve been thoroughly satisifed with every gift that I’ve received, and I’m sure yours will be no different! I wear a size M or L men’s shirt, love collectibles and displayables, and books.

Merry Christmas!

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